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But I didn't have any other options but to hope, did I? "Whoa," I said, "we're not fucking – you said you wanted to talk, so – " "Bitch!

I couldn't help but notice the massive size of his as-yet still semi-hard member.

So y'all can let me in or I be lettin' myself in." Crap!

As I headed out of my room toward the side door I started trembling.

" I slumped in the seat and could fight it any more, and started sobbing. Soon everyone in the whole school would know what happened. There was no way that I could go in there – definitely not today, probably not ever. After a few minutes of wallowing, I finally realized that I couldn't just sit on the bus all day. The school was off a busy road with three lanes of traffic going each way, so I'm sure I stood out. "Ah, uh, ah, I'm not, I, I don't – " I stammered, not knowing what to do or say, as a rising sense of terror gripped my throat and felt his eyes boring into my chest. "I told you to fuck the shit off goddamn it you bastardfuck asshole! It took me a minute to recognize her, but once I did I wished that it was the creepy Mexican. You're getting in the car Tina and I'll take you home.

Actually, I know I did because every time a car driven by a guy went by it invariably honked at me. "It's good, puta," he said, stopping the car and patting the seat next to him, winking at me, "any price I pay for un polvo." "No! " I screamed, too terrified to worry that I wasn't making sense. Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse, somehow I ran into Christi Taylor, cheerleader, daughter of the mayor, known school slut, and gossip extraordinaire.

I just want to know how crazy you really are and who was such a good fuck to corrupt you. And, like, seriously, I know so many guys who would just love to fuck you so good.

I started to get up, and realized that I was still in my gross old clothes from earlier in the day, so changed into my nighties. Still groggy and distracted I answered the call without looking, which I immediately regretted. " I heard from the other end of the line, my heart sinking, "now ya'll be answerin' yo' phone?

"Yeah, fine, thanks," I said coldly, "whatever." I heard him sigh and walk away. The last thing I needed was to deal with him right now. " "Uh, like, nothing," I stammered, "I don't, um, owe you anything Tyrone!

Jesus, Marty, even when you try you to be legit you fuck everything up. " came Tyrone's voice, "what yo' got ta' say fo' dis shit, huh? " he asked, "dat's how yo' gonna talk to yo' nigga?

It was a nice sentiment, but also made me feel like shit.

" "Uh, ok, well, I'll, um, be downstairs if you want to talk." "Um, sure, ok," I said. But, well, I know you won't let that happen, so, well, sorry." I wasn't expecting that.

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Further Note: This is fiction, not journalism - if stereotypes/caricatures offend, look elsewhere. I didn't know where I was, but could feel a faint smile on my lips. That snapped me fully awake, as the memories of what had happened earlier started flooding back. How could I have allowed some black thug to take advantage of me on the first day of school? maybe then I'd at least feel a little bit less like a slut. It was from an unknown number, but I knew who it was immediately. I'll find you and make you change your mind, you'll see! I mean, like, literally, everyone at school is like wondering where you are! "O-o-ok," I panted, "Um, well, on the bus, um, so like, there weren't any seats, and, um, in the back, there was this guy, and uh – " Suddenly my phone went off and started vibrating in my pocket, indicating that I had a text. I – " Suddenly I felt my body fly forward, the seatbelt catching.

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