I 9 updating and reverification

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Work products are selected based on their contribution to meeting project objectives and requirements, and to addressing project risks.The work products to be verified may include those associated with maintenance, training, and support services.

SP 1.1 Select Work Products for Verification Select the work products to be verified and the verification methods that will be used for each.

Reverification should be addressed by the verification methods to ensure that rework performed on work products does not cause unintended defects.

Suppliers should be involved in this selection to ensure that the project's methods are appropriate for the supplier's environment.

Refer to the Validation process area for more information about confirming that a product or product component fulfills its intended use when placed in its intended environment.

Refer to the Requirements Development process area for more information about the generation and development of customer, product, and product component requirements.

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Peer reviews involve a methodical examination of work products by the producers peers to identify defects and other changes that are needed.