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Posted by / 20-Aug-2017 09:01

Although I wanted this to be a fun post, I also wanted it to be serious too. Let me answer it like this…If you’ve ever seen the movie, , then you know the answer is yes.

Do I seriously want to order a man and have him shipped to me in a big box with breathing holes in it? Do I joke and have fun with the mail order male order thing?

My daughter is still young and so she is dating to look for that match who will be her friend, husband and the father of her future children if she chooses to have kids.

I remember being her age, all starry eyed and naive. (rolling my eyes) I’m pretty sure that Alyssa isn’t as naive about life, love and relationships as I was back then.

However, I’m a little bit wiser now since I’ve bombed twice at that great union called marriage.

They also published personal advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

Women would write them back with pictures of themselves tucked into the envelopes and thus mail order brides began. We still have the same thing now, but we call it online dating sites.

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I’ve had a “marriage” folder on my computer desktop for about six months just waiting for me to write this post so that I could share a little insight with my daughter.