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Dating a professional cyclist

Protein drinks will be eaten before dinner along with goji berries. Rice or pasta will be accompanied by salad and vegetables, with a vegan shake and fresh fruit before bed.Velofacts maintains a database of pro cycling results, riders, teams, races dating back to 1995. Animal products also replace missing iron, which produces haemoglobin that helps transport oxygen around the body.Zabriskie, who is six foot tall and weighs just over 10 stone, began experimenting with his diet last season, after a blood test carried out by his team chiropractor revealed that he was highly sensitive to certain types of food.He began drinking them after suffering from low energy levels earlier this season, and now consumes at least four a day.That has been enough to keep his physique more muscular than the vegan stereotype.On paper, Zabriskie still does not have much chance of winning the Tour de France, which he has entered five times and completed three times.

I’d written half of the names next to the wrong numbers and my voice was starting to crack, but I was having fun.But although Zabriskie's animal-friendly diet may be relatively common in his native Los Angeles, it still stands out in professional cycling, where protein shakes tend to be infused with raw egg whites.His employers, the Garmin-Cervelo team, admit they were initially concerned by Zabriskie's vegan diet.It's a challenge because cyclists on the Tour need to consume roughly 8,000 calories a day.They have traditionally scoffed large portions of meat in order to replace lost protein, which helps muscle recovery.

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Disciplines: Road and Cyclo Cross Totals April 2013 Many databases originate from the Netherlands and Belgium Probably the best one out there.